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  • They should've called it cromag bumper cars since that's all the stupid ai seems to want to do.. Attack power ups are hard to hit anybody and turning the screen when steering is distracting, played this back in primary but was way better on pc
    Meli over 4 years ago
  • Unresponsive when doing trick moves to get all stars which is more frustrating than fun and getting electrocuted having to watch the spider ***** out like 4 times before getting a restart is annoying and stupid to sit through when having alot of trial and error, I've seen alot better games and cheaper games on mobile before, the game is pretty boring too.????????
    Meli over 4 years ago
  • Would like features like messaging people and joining/creating sessions and a better friend feed as the current one is so basic. Make it more like the site basically. Make it similar to social media apps where you get notifications pop ups on your phone to let you know about messages and gaming session. Have options as to what you can receive on phone. Only good for viewing profiles/guides/games
    Meli over 4 years ago
  • Takes ages to play song after pressing it, no play all songs feature in playlist
    Meli almost 5 years ago
  • Always asking for donation is annoying
    Meli over 4 years ago